Below you will find helpful information about our personal self storage units along with answers to frequently asked questions and other helpful advice and tips.

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Our personal storage units come in a number of different sizes to cater for different storage requirements. For more information on any of the storage unit sizes below just click the size below.

Small storage units are ideal for those who want to store a limited number of items such as boxes, luggage or smaller household items.

Medium storage units are suitable for the storage of the contents of an average 2 bedroom house.

Large storage units are suitable for the storage of the contents of a large 2 bedroom house or a 3 bedroom house.

Extra large storage units are suited to storing the contents of 4-5 bedroom houses.


We offer personal storage units for all kinds of storage requirements below are a few examples of what some of our customers use our storage facility for, however please note that we can accommodate all kinds of storage solutions so even if your storage requirement is not listed below just give us a call on 01384 895948 and tell us what you need and one of our team we will be happy to advise. For more information on any of the storage solutions below just click on the name.

There are several reasons / benefits to using a storage unit when moving home one of the most common is if you find yourself between homes and caught in a house selling / buying chain. Putting your belongings into self-storage is often the best solution until your new home is ready to move in to.

Another way in which self storage can help is if your new home into which you are moving requires remodeling or extensive decorating. It can be hard to decorate and lay new carpets etc with tons of boxes in the way. By safely storing most of your belongings (except essentials of course) you will find that it is much easier and faster to decorate your new home.

Perhaps you have a busy work-life and as a result you want to unpack slowly, by using self-storage you can unpack at a pace that suits your lifestyle, a few boxes at a time, without having unpacked boxes laying around your home for months on end.

You might be moving abroad, in which case you might want to consider storing your possessions and furniture in the UK until you have everything ready sorted with your new home abroad and you are ready to receive your boxes. Self storage allows you to travel freely and make all your arrangements without worrying about where to put your belongings upon arrival if your new home isn’t quite ready.

Furniture is often some of the largest of our possessions and it can be problematic to store in our homes. This is where a storage unit can come in useful for both long and short-term furniture storage.

Short-term you might want to store furniture whilst moving home or re-decorating rooms. And long-term you may have a few items of furniture that do not suit your current home or are too big but you want to hold onto them because they have sentimental or monetary value. 

Tip: When trying to sell your current home it can sometimes help to put a few large furniture items into temporary storage to make your house seem more spacious.

Most of us are all guilty of it, we collect ‘stuff’ over time and don’t even notice just how much we own. As a result our homes become cluttered with all kinds of things which we  often don’t even need (but perhaps have sentimental value). 

Renting a storage unit is one way of helping you declutter which isn’t as permanent or final a solution as say throwing something away or selling it.

By hiring a storage unit you can put your items into storage and try what it is like living without them for a while and if you find you miss certain things you can bring them out of storage and then sell the rest. Or you can just keep all your items in storage in case you  want to look at them now and again.

We all experience big life events of one type or another and sometimes during some of these events having a storage unit can help. For example perhaps you have recently had a baby and you are considering having a 2nd but not for a few years. What do you do with all the baby items such as the cot as your baby grows. You want to hold onto some of these items both for sentimental reasons and perhaps to use again in a year or two but where do you store them? That is where a storage unit can help.

Perhaps you are just moving in with your partner and between you simply have ‘too much stuff’ a storage unit could be the answer for the overflow until you move into a larger home capable of accommodating everything in the future.

You might be retiring and downsizing your home now that your children have all moved out. Self storage can help to store all your sentimental items or valuable furniture which is too big for your new home.

OK this is a popular one, so perhaps  your children have moved out and you might also be considering retirement but either way you have decided to downsize your home.

What do you do with all the sentimental and possibly valuable items you have collected over the years.

Well, you can put them  into storage. There might  be items that you wish to pass on to grandchildren or large furniture that your children might want once they have a large enough home to accommodate it.

Perhaps you have sports equipment or camping equipment that you wish to hold onto but will no longer have a suitable place to store in your new smaller home. Renting a self storage unit can help with all of this. 

This is another popular use for personal self storage, many people play sports or have recreational activities which require the use large equipment. Having a personal storage unit is great way to keep your hobby or interest items safe without cluttering your home.

You even run a sports club or team and have large amounts of sporting equipment to store such as goal posts, nets and balls. In which case renting a storage unit may be the ideal solution for you.

If you  are studying away from home the problem of what to do with some of your stuff during the summer can be problematic, especially if you are far from home or overseas. It might be that you have completed your first year and next term you will be moving out of student halls and into a private house share or similar.

Renting a self storage unit over the summer could be the solution. Simply store all your stuff in a personal storage unit over the summer whilst you are away and then collect it when you return to study.


No goods must be stored that are: illegal substances, items or goods illegally obtained.

The client must not store food or perishable goods, animals, combustible or flammable materials e.g. compressed gases and petrol etc, firearms, explosive weapons or ammunition, chemicals, radioactive materials, toxic waste or any materials of a potentially dangerous nature.

Controlled access with a member of staff present. Client has own key to unit. Security cameras on the outside of the building and locked entrance points.

No, our units have a door lock and a key will provided. A £20 key deposit is required and is refundable on return of the key at end of term.

1 month is our usual minimum rental term – shorter periods can be arranged on request.

You can rent a storage unit for as long as you need.

We prefer to be paid by a monthly standing order, but will also accept cash, card or BACS payment.

All contents stored at the client’s own risk. All contents are to be covered by the client/owners against all risks to their full insurable value. Javek Properties will not inspect any goods stored and it is not on notice as to the existence of any items and will have no record of the condition. Javek Properties Ltd. does not insure any contents whatsoever.

Javek Properties Ltd. will not be liable for any loss or damage, or any consequence of any loss or damage, or from any circumstances that may arise from any loss or damage, to any contents, whatsoever they may be, placed in the unit for storage, at the commencement of this agreement and until such as the agreement has been terminated and all contents have been removed.

Access to the unit is Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Access to the units outside these times may be available by prior appointment. Arrangements can be made with the office giving at least one working days’ notice. We reserve the right to charge for this service.