Below you will find helpful information about our business storage units along with answers to frequently asked questions and other helpful advice.

Cheap Storage Units Stourbridge


Our business storage units come in a number of different sizes to cater for different storage requirements. For more information on any of the storage unit sizes below just click the size below.

Small storage units are ideal for those who want to store a limited number of items such as document and paperwork boxes or a small amount of surplus office equipment.

Medium storage units are great for businesses who want to store a greater number of boxes or additional surplus office equipment. And could even be used for companies wanting to store a small amount of surplus stock.

Large storage units are perfect for businesses who want to many boxes or large pieces of surplus office equipment and furniture. They are also ideal for companies wanting to store an average amount of surplus stock.

Extra large storage units are suited to businesses who have a high capacity storage requirement such as larger quantities of stock or other bulky items.


We offer storage units for all kinds of business related storage requirements below are a few examples of what some of our business customers use our storage facility for, however please note that we can accommodate all kinds of storage solutions so even if your storage requirement is not listed below just give us a call on 01384 895948 and tell us what you need and one of our team we will be happy to advise. For more information on any of the storage solutions below just click on the name.

Running an online only retail business can be very rewarding and low on overheads. However with no physical premises storing your stock can become an issue. Renting a storage unit could be the solution you need. Store It Away can provide a clean, dry and secure environment to store your stock. Offering easy access and freeing up space in your home.

When running a business overtime it is inevitable that you will collect paperwork such as accounts, contracts and other documentation. If you have been in business for a while then this can soon mount up and storing it can become problematic. Store It Away can provide a clean, dry and secure environment in which you can store your documentation, freeing up space in your home or office.

Businesses often change sometimes they might be expanding and sometimes they might be downsizing.

Downsizing can lead to a surplus of office equipment such as desks, chairs, computers and other cumbersome equipment or furniture. And you might be wondering where to store these items in case you require them again in the future. Well a storage unit might often be the ideal solution.

Alternatively your business might be growing and you are looking to move to larger premises in the near future. Perhaps you need somewhere to store your furniture and equipment  temporarily whilst you get your new premises ready to move into.

Sometimes you just need a little extra space, perhaps you occasionally get larger orders but not often enough to warrant moving to a larger premises. Renting a storage unit either temporarily or permanently could offer the perfect solution when you need a little extra storage space to keep that extra stock.    


No goods must be stored that are: illegal substances, items or goods illegally obtained.

The client must not store food or perishable goods, animals, combustible or flammable materials e.g. compressed gases and petrol etc, firearms, explosive weapons or ammunition, chemicals, radioactive materials, toxic waste or any materials of a potentially dangerous nature.

Controlled access with a member of staff present. Client has own key to unit. Security cameras on the outside of the building and locked entrance points.

No, our units have a door lock and a key will provided. A £20 key deposit is required and is refundable on return of the key at end of term.

1 month is our usual minimum rental term – shorter periods can be arranged on request.

You can rent a storage unit for as long as you need.

We prefer to be paid by a monthly standing order, but will also accept cash, card or BACS payment.

All contents stored at the client’s own risk. All contents are to be covered by the client/owners against all risks to their full insurable value. Javek Properties will not inspect any goods stored and it is not on notice as to the existence of any items and will have no record of the condition. Javek Properties Ltd. does not insure any contents whatsoever.

Javek Properties Ltd. will not be liable for any loss or damage, or any consequence of any loss or damage, or from any circumstances that may arise from any loss or damage, to any contents, whatsoever they may be, placed in the unit for storage, at the commencement of this agreement and until such as the agreement has been terminated and all contents have been removed.

Access to the unit is Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Access to the units outside these times may be available by prior appointment. Arrangements can be made with the office giving at least one working days’ notice. We reserve the right to charge for this service.